A great big Thank you to Senator Bennett of Bradenton, FL, and his legislative assistant, Debbie Scott, for hearing my little voice and reaching out a helping hand.  Kudos to both of you for restoring my faith in Florida!

They have contacted the Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement, on our behalf, and have persuaded them to take action that will have impact on our case.   I have been beating my head against a wall trying to get them to move beyond suspending his license ~ he doesn’t have one, intercepting his taxes ~ he doesn’t file, and blocking him from getting a passport ~ he doesn’t travel out of the country.  Usually CSE then informs me that they will send him notices that he’s late.  Really?  Like he doesn’t already know?  Well, now they are taking him to court, and my son and I will be forever grateful for the help we have gotten from the Senator and his assistant.  We couldn’t have done this without you!

Please, no matter where you are or what party you are affiliated with, please send them Senator Bennett and Debbie Scott and email of gratitude for paving the way to justice not just for us, but for all those who have lost hope.  bennett.mike.web@flsenate.gov 

This is a start and we all need to work together to be a team and be heard.  Showing gratitude will promote a stronger sense of leadership for a community of people who support one another to obtain a better life for our children. 

Thank you ALL so much!!!!

   love ~ Levie and Kathleen