Have you seen this man, Hal Austin?  Had any contact with him?  Been ripped off by him?  BEWARE!!!  He will leave you in debt, broke, and with a tarnished reputation.

Hal has three documented children (he’s not on all his children’s birth certificates), and has abandoned all of them.  He doesn’t pay child support, medical coverage, or send them gifts.  He withholds contact with them because he hides from debts he refuses to pay.

His youngest, documented son has autism, ADHD, hypotonia, and other medical problems that keeps me running him to various doctor and therapy appointments all week-long.  As you can imagine this is quite expensive as well as time-consuming and leaves me little time to hold down a decent job.  We currently live off student loans and food stamps, and whatever temporary jobs I can find.  Hal is aware of this and experienced this first hand when he was recently homeless and we took him in.  Not only did I have to throw him out because he was a bum and financial vampire whom didn’t appreciate what we sacrificed for him, but he left owing $4500 ON TOP of unpaid child support.

He moves around quite a bit as he is always being evicted, and tries to stay one step ahead of the law.  There are warrants out for his arrest but Florida’s finest can almost never catch him.

If you have any information about this crook and low-life, please help me and the authorities to put him where he belongs ~ IN JAIL!!