How A Sociopath’s Brain Works

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I couldn’t have said it any better.  This is EXACTLY how it goes…


Definition of Manhood

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There are plenty of good men in this world…and then there are the cowards. Even a socio/psychopath can choose to be a decent, responsible father or not.

6 Signs You’re Arguing With A Psychopath

Psychopaths make up one percent of the general population and, contrary to popular belief, most of them aren’t serial killers.

They’re manipulative people who intentionally cause harm to others without any sense of remorse or responsibility.

Psychopaths are social chameleons who can fit perfectly into any situation. They are experts at morphing their identities to get what they want and mirroring others for money, sex, and — most commonly — attention. Because of their ability to idealize others, psychopaths are often perceived as charming, innocent, and fun to unsuspecting onlookers and casual acquaintances.

But there is another side to them.

When they’re feeling threatened or bored, a psychopath’s true colors start to come out. They draw you into arguments that are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. The argument usually stems from something hurtful or inappropriate they’ve done, but you’ll quickly find that you’re the one defending yourself.

It’s sort of like good cop, bad cop, demented cop, stalker cop, scary cop, baby cop.

Here are 6 warning signs that the person you’re arguing with is a psychopath and it’s time to disengage.

1. They lie and make excuses.

Everyone messes up every now and then, but psychopaths recite excuses more often than they follow through with promises. Their actions never match up with their words and their lies disappoint you so frequently that you actually feel relieved when they do something halfway decent. They’ve conditioned you to become grateful for mediocre treatment.

2. Their tone is condescending and patronizing.

Psychopaths often try to make you unhinged in an attempt to gain the upper hand. Throughout the entire argument, you’ll notice that they keep a calm and cool demeanor. It’s almost as if they’re mocking you — gauging your reactions to see how much further they can push. When you finally react emotionally, that’s when they’ll raise their eyebrows, smirk, tell you to calm down, or feign disappointment.

3. They employ mind-blowing hypocrisy.

In heated arguments, psychopaths have no shame and will often begin labeling you with their own horrible qualities. It goes beyond projection, because most people project unknowingly. Psychopaths know they are smearing you with their own flaws, because they are seeking a reaction. The point is to lure you in so that you react and seem “crazy” to onlookers.

4. They seem to have multiple personalities.

When arguing with a psychopath, you’re likely to notice a variety of their personas. It’s sort of like good cop, bad cop, demented cop, stalker cop, scary cop, baby cop. Once you begin pulling away from their manipulation and lies, they’ll start apologizing and flatter you. If that doesn’t work, they’ll suddenly start insulting the qualities they just flattered two minutes ago. As they struggle to regain control, you’ll be left wondering who you’re even talking to.

5. They play the eternal victim.

Somehow, their bad behavior will always lead back to a conversation about their abusive past or a crazy ex or an evil boss. You’ll end up feeling bad for them, even when they’ve done something horribly wrong. And once they’ve successfully diverted your attention, everything will get messy again. Psychopaths cry “abuse,” but, in the end, you’re the only one being abused.

6. You feel the need to explain basic human emotions to them.

You’ll find yourself attempting to explain emotions like empathy and kindness, guided by the thought that if they understand why you’re hurt, they’ll stop hurting you. You are not the first person who has attempted to see the good in them, and you will not be the last. They behave this waybecause they know that it hurts you.

There’s only one way out of these arguments. You need to disengage!

Arguments with psychopaths leave you drained. You might spend hours, even days, obsessing over the argument. If you think you have the perfect response to their latest outrageous comment, they planted it there on purpose. They’re trying to provoke you. They’re trying to draw you in.

In professional environments, they want you to blow up so that coworkers and superiors see you as unstable. In romantic settings, they want you to lash out so that they can use your “hysterical” reactions to show potential partners and exes how crazy you’ve become. Until we understand this, we’ll continue to fall into their trap.

So next time someone you’re arguing with uses these tactics to draw you in, try a different strategy: simply smile, nod, and go live your life.

They don’t deserve another second of your time.

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Halloween in St. Johns County

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So this is where we are at now.  I finished the paperwork for Contempt of Court and will be going to the courthouse to file it, then we get to spend Halloween in St. Johns County, as he will be in court there on the 29th of October, to serve him the papers. We’re going to look at this like a mini vacation in a part of Florida we’ve never been before, but honestly, you would think he would want to avoid all this mess and just support his son.  Hmmmm, perhaps for a  little fun we’ll dress in orange jumpsuits for Halloween.  Just for fun.

Oh yeah, and we have an appointment with the Office of the Inspector General as well.  Busy, busy bees we are.

'Okay, everyone for 'Plan Bee', raise your hand.'

‘Okay, everyone for ‘Plan Bee’, raise your hand.’

“In addition to a state court contempt order for willful refusal to pay child support, the federal government may also intervene. When payments are not made for more than a year, or the outstanding amount of child support owed is more than $5,000, the federal government may act through the Office of the Inspector General. The OIG’s office has the authority to impose penalties such as fines, up to 6 months in prison or both.”


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“When the truth is found to be lies” those around you will no longer be blind.  I will continue to speak the truth for your anger does not concern me.1560691_895451890496610_8495720443355763476_n

*quote from Jefferson Airplane*

Finish Him!

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Apparently some people enjoy eating bologna sandwiches for lunch every day.  Every condition upon release broken.  Really? How do you not understand, YOU NEED TO SUPPORT YOUR CHILD.  HE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, AND WE’RE NOT GOING AWAY.  I have been left no choice but to…

DUI, Part V: Incarceration, continued

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Originally posted on The Jax Beer Guy:

Last year my life was forever changed. I was arrested for DUI as I was driving home from a beer festival. As a long-time beer blogger and advocate of knowing when to say when, this was devastating. Over the next few weeks, I will be telling my story in hopes that my experience will resonate with my readers and deter them from taking any chances when their ability to drive after having a few beers may be impaired.

Read Part I of this series here , Part II here, Part III here and Part IV here.

jail2In the cold concrete and steel walls of the Duval County jail, every sound reverberates and is amplified. In the middle of the night, curled into a ball on my bunk those sounds were terrifying; a muffled moan, snoring from multiple sources, crying and the sound of another new inmate begging to be let…

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So You Wanna Play With Magick?!?

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00115cfa0751f878c5e3bfb5b8b91d4fA dark horse is a little-known person or thing that emerges to prominence, especially in a competition of some sort or a contestant that seems unlikely to succeed.  Hal Austin, I am the DARK HORSE.

After receiving a tip on the activities of Hal/Chip Austin I was able to research, and discover enough to make a phone call to the authorities and pass the information along. As I have sworn anonymity I can not post the person’s name, however, let it be known to all the absolute, and unconditional gratitude that my son and I feel towards that person.

haljailRaising a Special Needs child without any help is emotionally, physically, and financially overwhelming. Through the years I have sent Hal Austin receipts for all costs to prove to him my support of our son. Though he is court ordered to pay for the medical insurance, and half of uncovered costs he has not complied. And because the medical is so important in our case I did not compel Hal to abide by the law, rather I took the responsibility upon myself.  In return I only asked Hal to adhere to the child support order. The amount of the child support agreed upon during the divorce process was configured by Hal according to that which he was willing to pay.  Only, his true willingness ended up to be infrequent payments of varying amounts as he saw fit. Hal/Chip Austin loves to live large, and supporting any of his children never made it on his list of concerns. Neither is being a father to any of the children he has abandoned over the years. Therefore, this is our position to date:

General Information
Your support order with HAL AUSTIN has a past-due total amount of $47,717.97  as of  today
So, where are we now?  If you’ve stayed current on my blog, and have followed my journey you know much of the story and have sent me a multitude of tips and well wishes.  I promised you good news, and here it is:  On September 23, 2015 Hal Austin was arrested images (61)by an officer from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.  He is sentenced to 60 days in the county jail, and before he is released must pay $1500 to Child Support Enforcement (this amount was lowered by the Judge from $5000. I’m sure Hal cried poverty and forgot to mention his hidden treasure he has tucked away in a storage facility). Now wait, there’s more…
His release will not be to freedom, not yet, anyway, there’s this to face as well:
Active Hold Information
Applied Date:  9/24/2015 12:00:13 AM       Type:  TELETYPE HOLD
Agency:  ST. JOHNS COUNTY HOLD      Case No.:  12-1975CF

* An inmate cannot be released on bond if they have an unsentenced felony charge and have not been to first appearance court or they have an additional sentenced charge.

I have allowed him too many chances to make good on paying support. The final straw that broke this camel’s back was another false receipt of payment made.  I have more false receipts of money that “disappeared” than I care to count.  This time I got him, and I was thorough about it. I had enough.

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